I'm Jon, 25, married, I live in Upstate New York, and I have Fibromyalgia.
September 14th
10:56 PM


September 6th
11:27 PM
Lord, give me strength.

Lord, give me strength.

2:50 PM
We got Willow a king sized bed!

We got Willow a king sized bed!

You Are My Sunshine

by Johnny Cash



The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
But when I woke, dear,
I was mistaken.
So I bowed my head and cried.

This is the definition of hauntingly beautiful.

12:33 AM
September 5th
12:55 AM

I haven’t posted anything about my life and fibro in quite some time now. Work is taking up 98.5% of my time, so, here’s an update:

I feel like shit.

How is everyone these days?

September 4th
9:53 PM
August 30th
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August 29th
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12:53 AM


Waiting for the day when I wake up and I’m not tired anymore

August 21st
10:15 PM
Look at how cool I was!

Look at how cool I was!

August 14th
12:20 AM
New glasses!

New glasses!

August 13th
12:11 AM


the best part about being in your 20’s is slowly caring less and less about what people think of you and surrounding yourself with good people

the worst is that I’m broke

August 11th
2:06 PM
August 7th
11:33 PM

a message from sloth-ninja

You don't know me, and this might seem random, but I see in your profile picture that you have a tattoo. I want to get one, but I'm worried about the effects it might have with my pain. If you got it post-diagnosis, do you think it was easier or harder to handle the pain of getting it?

I’m not sure if I can say it was harder to get a tattoo because I have fibro. I was diagnosed at 14, 7 years before my first tattoo. I have two, now, but I can tell you the one on my chest hurt. A lot.

I felt completely drained afterwards, and sore all over. It probably took me about 2-3 weeks to get back to normal. Well as normal as you can get with a chronic illness.